Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Happy Easter"

Well, I would like to wish all of my friends, family and visitors a very Happy Easter and I hope you all received your share of Easter Eggs and Easter Bilbies (not Bunnies). All in my house have had a nice Easter, but we ALL are suffering with colds. Even my Old Dad got a cold after having the flu injection. So I thought I would update my blog even though I can't think of anything to write. Even though I haven't felt well I have been productive with my FUFOY. When I lived in Toronto and New York and then travelled through Europe my ex - Paul and I took loads or videos of everywhere we visited. So my project this weekend was to copy all the videos onto DVD's. I am pleased to inform all and sundry that I am just about finished. I am determined to have them finished before I head to bed tonight. I am really over them.

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