Sunday, April 26, 2009

"A Visit from the Aliens"

At last I am able to add a post to my blog. I have had so many problems with my Internet connection. It has been very erratic during the day while I was working, and then at night when I wanted to play it would drop out completely. "Every Night". But my new best friend Gavin from Telstra came today and did lots of technical stuff and also gave me a new modem and at last I can play.

Happy belated ANZAC Day to everyone. Hope you all had a great day. It is a nice time to reflect on thanking all of the diggers for helping make our lives as we have now. I spent the afternoon/evening with some special girl friends having a drink, and enjoying each others company. It is so nice to spend time with a group of like minded girls where we can just enjoy the "Ya Ya Sisterhood". I think there should be a "Ya Ya Sisterhood Day" allocated every year.

Now just so you understand my title for today!!! I think the Aliens have come and taken Davine away. The old Davine would not do any exercise - I mean any exercise. But I am now in my 2nd week of regular swimming - today I actually did 32 laps. Then tonight my special friends - Alice, Melissa, Wanda, Robyn and I started our adventure in "Off The Couch" personal training. I cannot believe I am actually saying I enjoyed it. I'll see how my muscles feel tomorrow morning.

Before I sign of for tonight I want to congratulate Kaye (one of my very best friends) and Danny on the birth of little Ava May. She came into this world today at 4.00pm. I can't wait to meet her.

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