Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Friends and Acquaintances"

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch (a pre baby lunch for Kaye) with a cherished group of friends I worked with at the Tasmanian Travel Centre. I have known most of them for over ten years and I am glad they have been in my life to share lots of laughter and some tears. While soaking in my "Bubble Bath" tonight I got to thinking how some people come into our lives and stay for many years and some come into our lives for fleeting moments. I truly believe that no matter how long we have someone in our lives - 10 years or 10 minutes - the meeting is for a particular reason. I can easily name some that have been there to help me through some tough times and some that I have been there to help. But not all meetings are for monumental reasons, I believe some reasons may be as small steering us in a direction we need to follow. I really try to make a conscious effort to connect with everyone I meet cause you never know what might happen and life is just to short to miss out on anything.
So remember tomorrow when someone crosses your path, say hello
or just give them a smile - if nothing else the smile will make you both feel good.

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