Monday, July 1, 2019

Location, Location, Location??

Now that I have decided to move, the next question is where to????

How did I pick the location I'm going to move to? For a number of years, I toyed with idea of moving but had no idea of where that could possibly be. I have really enjoyed living in my current town but my house is old and even though in good condition will soon need maintenance, that as a 66-year-old woman I can no longer do. I thought about staying in the area but financially I just couldn't afford to get what I want for the price I want. So, I started looking further afield and I started asking myself some questions. 

1.     I really don't want to be any further than 2 hours from my daughter Rachel and her family. My son lives a full day’s drive from me so I'm always going to have to drive to him. The village I have chosen is 2 hours from her.

2.     If I'm going to really challenge myself and move away, why not move closer to the water. Whether it be ocean, beach, river or lake? 

So off I went on a bit of a reconnaissance mission to various townships to see which ones sat comfortably with me. The township I decided on sat well with me straight away. While driving around, I took notice if people kept their gardens and houses neat and tidy. I think that says a lot about the type of person that lives in a village. I checked what facilities were available. How far was it to drive to major supermarkets, Doctors, hospitals? I felt really comfortable there and on each subsequent visit I felt more comfortable. Right from the beginning of this journey I have been consciously listening to my intuition and my intuition was telling me this is where my next home would be. OK, now that the location was decided do I buy and established home or do I really challenge myself and build a new home? 
This will be the pier I sit and fish from.

This will be the beach I paddle in. 

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