Monday, November 14, 2016

Goodbye Gold Coast

Well our month long stay on the Gold Coast is almost at an end. I initially looked forward to settling somewhere for a month but with all the travelling we have been doing it didn't take long before I got itchy feet. So I'm not sure if in the future I will hang around somewhere this long. That doesn't count home. The caravan park we are staying at is really good and in a perfect location but it's also a park that gets extremely busy over the weekend. I really don't mind it if it's busy but it's when you get surrounded by an extended family in four tents that set up almost on our laps and have the foulest mouths I have ever heard. I just can't believe that families would use this language especially when they have little children with them. Now I'm not against the odd swear word but all the time, when it's yelled and the drunken behaviour that accompanies it is a bit much to take. OK that's my rant over, thanks for listening.

The view of the caravan park we are staying at from Tallebudgera Creek

I was treated to some great cloud formations 
The other day we went had a day trip up to Tamborine Mountain, which is the hinterland behind the Gold Coast. From the east side of the mountains you have beautiful views of the ocean and from the west you are treated to the mountain views. North Tamborine is a delightful little village that caters to the many tourist to the area. It's main street is lined with various shops, cafes and restaurants.
Amazing views

Treated to one last Gold Coast sunset

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