Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gold Coast, Queensland

Well I've now been on the Gold Coast for about 2 weeks now and this is the first time I've logged on to do a blog update. It's not that I've been very busy, I have been out and about but just not on my laptop much. I have been having a few IT issues and it seems the new iPhone update doesn't want to allow me to upload any of my photos - grrrrr.  I have been to the Gold Coast many many times and still enjoy coming here, although I choose to stay in the less touristy areas now. But I think everywhere on the Gold Coast is now touristy and very busy.
Surfers Paradise in the distance
How have I spent my days so far, well there has been shopping at the shopping centres, warehouse outlets and a few markets. Walking along the beach, catching up with friends, eating some yummy food and most of all relaxing.

Amazing fruits at the farmers market

My type of mini golf course - Buddha theme
I have been lucky enough to have my cousin Sue staying for the week. We are extremely close but don't get to spend a lot of time together so this is a very special week.
Suzie and Davine 
One day we headed south to the very spiritual,amazing Crystal Castle and Shambala Gardens. I have been there before and just knew Sue would love it, and she did. Crystal Castle and the gardens is a privately owned property filled with the most amazing crystals, statues, sub-tropical plants, labyrinth and a walk to the most beautiful stone Buddha I have ever seen. We had a glorious spiritual day of meditation and relaxation.
Lakshmi - The Goddess of fortune, prosperity, wisdom and fertility.
She is also the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm

Avalokiteshvara - embodies the compassion of all the Buddhas

The Great Buddha

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