Sunday, September 4, 2016

Winton, Queensland

Well I have finally got to Winton, Queensland. I tried to get here last year but that didn't happen. The reason I wanted to get here was to visit two very important Dinosaur locations, but guess what! The first few days we have been here it has rained so much the roads to the locations I wanted to visit were closed. So we've extended our time in Winton and hope the road dries out quickly. In the meantime I have visited a few other things Winton has to offer.
Arno's Wall
Who was Arno? Arno Grotjahn as a young man spent his time as a merchant seaman travelling the world. When he immigrated to Australia from Germany he spent his time around Winton opal mining. But then I think he spent quite a long time building this 70 metre long and two metres high wall. This wall is such an amazing piece of art constructed of concrete and rock bought from Arno's opal mine in Opalton. It is also studded with everything you could think of, lawn mower parts, sinks, typewriters, sewing machines, whole motorbikes even Batman got a show.

Fans, Lawnmower  parts and old Typewriters

Two Motorcycles!!!

Even an old AGA oven - they cost a fortune

Anyone lost a hubcap??

Even Batman makes an appearance

Main street in Winton
It is said that on 6 April 1895 Banjo Patterson first performed the famous bush ballad "Waltzing Matilda"at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton.
A statue of Banjo Patterson

The words of Waltzing Matilda
This hotel still stands in the main street after a history of demolition, burning down and being rebuilt.
The art deco style North Gregory Hotel
Wintons main street also has some other charming old historic buildings.

The Tattersalls Hotel which is just across the road from where we are camped

The Australia Hotel is no longer open

The Post Office is a beautiful building
The Musical Fence
In 2003 this fence was built making it the first musical fence in the world. It was designed by percussion and composer Graeme Leak. As I walked up to the fence I could hear a humming sound which was the wind blowing along the fence and echoing in the two wooden box resonators. As well as the fence there are a number of other musical instruments made out of junk. I have seen this on TV before and wanted to visit and have a go. So I grabbed a stick and a small metal pipe and walked around having a play of all the instruments. It was a great fun way to start my day.
The Musical Fence

Not sure what this instrument would be called....

......or this one - but it sounded good and it was fun.

The drum set was made out of all sorts of junk.

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