Friday, August 26, 2016

Julia Creek

Julia Creek is another very small township in the McKinlay Shire. It has the main shops you might need and a pub, so I guess that's all taken care of. The main reason I wanted to visit here is because the Visitors Centre, known as 'At the Creek' has a display and feeding twice a day of the Fat Tailed Dunnart. The Julia Creek Dunnart is a tiny bright eyed insect eating marsupial only found in the Mitchell grass downs of North West Queensland. They would be mistakingly taken for a mouse but they are actually in the family of the Tasmanian Devil. They are pretty cute and extremely tiny.
One interesting fact I learnt was that the Dunnart store fat at the base of their tail when food is plentiful. This fat is then converted to energy when food is scarce in the colder months.
A Fat Tailed Dunnart
There's not much else to see in town but at night the towns water tower looks impressive. The 30 metre wine glass shaped water tower has the capacity to hold 454,000 litres of water and stands above the fourth bore that was sunk in Julia Creek. 

30 metre water tower
Another impressive sight is the metal sculpture named the Spirit of the Light Horse, a sculpture saluting McKinlay Shires servicemen and women.

Spirit of the Light Horse 

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