Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Onslow to Barradale Roadside Stop

Yesterday while walking along the pretty ordinary beach in Onslow, I found these pretty amazing shells.
I love shell collecting
The drive from Onslow was fairly uneventful, although there were a lot of wild flowers along the edges of the highway. One thing that did get my attention was something I had seen once on the highway back in our early days of our adventure. The RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) is an amazing and essential service in Australia. They travel to many many isolated locations to help with emergencies and also to provide medical, dental etc services to those isolated areas. Any time there is a donation tin for the RFDS I donate as they do a wonderful job. Some locations that don't have an airfield and are unable to turn a field into one have to use the highway as their runway. This is one such location. It is really weird seeing the runway lines painted on the road.
RFDS Runway on Highway
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