Monday, March 25, 2013

My 60th Milestone

Well here I lie in bed at 3.30am on the morning of my 60th birthday. I have had my granddaughter Clare overnight and she just woke. After a cuddle she drifted back to sleep but unfortunately I haven't. Now I lie here wide awake with lots of unimportant thoughts wandering through my mind. I have always been of the mind that when this happens just write those thoughts down and once they out on paper (or in my phone in this case) they are out of my head and I can then get to the task at hand and that's going to sleep!! I remember back when I was just 20 years old and preparing for my wedding. Like all new brides to be I had plenty on my mind. But me being me and not one to ask for help - even back then. I had the whole kit and caboodle to think about and organise. As it was well before mobile phones, I had my trusty pen and paper on my bedside table and each and every night they would get a good workout. I must admit it would always work and after I had all my thoughts down on paper I could then get off to sleep. As I lie here my thoughts turn to just how quickly i have reached this milestone and what I want for my 60th year. I always am very reflective and like to plan ahead on my birthdays and on New Years Eve. But this birthday I am going to do it a bit different, rather than saying I want this, that and the other to take place I am going to commit to live everyday to its fullest and live my life as healthy, happy and fun as I can possibly make it. So I am starting my 60th year of with a day that is totally concentrating on a Davine indulgence day full of fun, relaxation and pampering.


  1. Happy Birthday. I just hit 66. Can't believe how much time has gone by.

  2. Fantastic - and you're looking good.I hope your pamper day was wonderful! X


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