Saturday, March 2, 2013

Autumn or Fall

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we welcome in Autumn. Ever since living in Canada and New York back in the late 80's I have wondered why in North America this season is called Fall yet here in Australia we call it Autumn. So as with anything these days I googled it! As far as I can tell in Canada and USA the season was once called Harvest due to this being the time when harvest of the crops took place. Then the season was changed to Autumn.  The Elizabethans then casually used "fall" around the 16th Century to denote it as the time when the leaves fall. Both terms were brought to America when the English colonized it, but fall eventually won out there, while "autumn" is still the word of choice in England. The origin of Autumn is more difficult. It came from the Latin word "Autumnus." According to the Latin Dictionary the word Autumnus means  autumn; autumn fruits| harvest.  The word Autumn was used by the English, hence we use it in Australia due to our English heritage.
Then comes my next questions. Why are the change of season dates in Canada and USA around the 20th of the month yet here in Australia the season change on the 1st of the month? That will have to be another google. Can anyone answer this question for me?

Fall Upstate New York 1987
Davine, Rachel and Shane

Fall Upsate New York 1987

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  1. Thank you for the info Davine, I had wondered why they call it 'Fall' over there, but never got round to finding out.
    As for the difference in the change of seasons date I've no idea either, and look forward to being enlightened!


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