Sunday, October 7, 2012

Days 4 and 5

Good Morning everyone - I didn't get to update last night so I will do both days now. Saturday was once again a long drive but the countryside had change to a lot more trees and hills as we travelled through The Great Dividing Range. We arrived in Tweed Heads (our destination) about 1.30pm and just relaxed until dinner. After the driving, a beautiful meal and a few drinks my bed was yelling out for me. Although I don't mind driving long distances it was nice to wake this morning and not have to jump in the car and head of. So I went for a relaxing walk along the Tweed River and through the mangrove area and now I am considering having a shower. Isn't life great when you really don't HAVE to do anything. Just go with the flow. OK it is now almost bedtime and my day has been lovely and relaxing. So until tomorrow I will bid you all goodnight and remember no matter what is happening in your life, tomorrow do something for yourself - doesn't matter how big or small.
Glen Innes Post Office

Glen Innes Westpac Bank

Glen Innes Streetscape

Glen Innes wide main street

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