Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back In Town

Wow it's Wednesday already - time just travels way to fast. So after my very enjoyable first few days in the country I am back in Eltham for a couple of days. On the morning I left Daylesford it was a very clear but chilly morning but that didn't deter the local ducks. As soon as they found a bit of sunshine they decided to have a feed on the grass.
Daylesford Ducks - Wood Ducks I think??

As I am dealing with food and people I have to get a certificate in food handling. So that what was on the agenda today. The four hour course was quite interesting and really a lot was just common sense. But now I am happy I have that little certificate and I can cross that job of my list. As the course was short and I was in the city, I decided to have a wander and just enjoy the sights and sounds of Melbourne.
Busker in Bourke St Mall

Some of the Buskers Audience

The Old Shot Tour in Melbourne Central
 The best thing about getting home was I get to catch up with my beautiful daughter Rachel and her beautiful daughter Clare.
Clare looks so tiny in the Port a Cot