Sunday, May 29, 2011

Survived the Weekend

Well I have survived my first weekend in Daylesford. Old Chilli B&B only has two guest rooms, so it is not  an overwhelming job looking after the guests, preparing breakfast and cleaning the rooms. In fact looking after the guests is actually a pleasure - it's great meeting different people from different walks of life. When Tim & Brian designed and built "Old Chilli" in 2001, they made it so the two rooms are separate from the main house and the guests have their own entry and door out onto the balcony. They really only have to come into the house to have breakfast. So the guests can have as much privacy as they want - yet they have me around to answer any questions they might have. As well as looking after the B&B for 12 months I am also looking after "Arch" the family dog and the two Alpacas "Bilbo" & "Groucho". So as you can see my life for next 12 months is going to be a little different than my norm.
Old Chilli Dining Room

Even though I do love being here but I am missing our new little angel "Clare",
but I will see her on Tuesday.