Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"I'm a Granny"

Hi all - I would like to introduce the latest member of our family. Our little Princess Clare Megan Walker was born yesterday, Tuesday April 10th at 1.13pm - 3 1/2 weeks early to my beautiful daughter Rachel and her partner Luke. She was 7.8lb at birth so she would have been a bit of a woppa if she had had gone full term. Rachel was only in labour for 4 hours but they were 4 pretty hard but joyful hours. I am extremely proud of the great job Rachel and Luke did in bringing their beautiful daughter and my cherished granddaughter into this world. To turn a perfect day into an even more perfect day Rachel named Clare after my Mum (Joan Clare).  I tell you what it bought quite a few tears to my eyes.
Rachel & Clare (2 hours old)