Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creative Week

My creative week has gotten off to a good start, but not as I had expected. When I said I was going to do something creative each day, I was intending on making some jewellery or do some other sort of craft. But my Guides have had other ideas. Yesterday I did heaps of clothes mending and alterations, and other varied sewing that had been sitting around for a while. Today I have also been creative in a different form - I have recreated my Dads old bedroom from a store room back to a bedroom.  I have used this room as a dumping room ever since Dad passed away because I just couldn't bring myself to go through the stuff that was being stored in there. But as with going through his clothes last week, the time had now come where I am ready to face the room. Now that it is all emptied, cleaned and looking beautiful I am so happy and feel I have had a very "Creative Day".

Dog Harmony - How long will it last?
Yesterday I captured this cute photo of Bosco and Zoe sharing a bone - strange I know.
That all changed today when they had a bit of a disagreement.