Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day 2010

For me Boxing Day would have to be the laziest day of the year and Boxing Day 2010 hasn't disappointed me. After my Christmas Day visitors had all left and the rest of the clan had headed off to do their socializing I decided to take full advantage of being in an empty house. I soaked in a hot bath, watched a movie, and pretty much just lounged around all day. Prior to going to Bali I had given myself lots of house projects to complete once I got home. But as with all well laid plans life can sometimes put up road blocks. So now that my life is almost back to normal - well as normal as my life gets - tomorrow I am going to start completing my to do list. Also I thought I would now share some of my Bali photos with you.
"My Bali Bedroom"

This stone business was "Davine Paradise" -
so many Buddhas and all to big and heavy to bring home.