Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cousins, Sisters, Friends

Oh well I went to see the specialist today and after lots of nose and throat prodding, some really unusual blood test and a script for nose spray that is so new it has to be ordered, I am now on a waiting game to see what the tests show. But on a happier note I am preparing for my weekend in Tasmania with my cousin Susan. The accommodation - car hire - dinner arrangements and "Quiet Cone" is all booked and just waiting for us to be there. We are both so looking forward to spending a weekend together doing just what we want to do. Being an only child I am really lucky to have grown up so close to Susan, she is the sister I never had. Our Mums - Joan was my Mum and Jean was Susans Mum -are sisters (both have left us now) and they were two of 13 children and extremely close. They were so different but also just like two peas in a pod. From what Mum had told me they shared so much of their lives that they were just intertwined together. I loved Auntie Jean - she was definitely my 2nd Mum.