Saturday, May 30, 2009

My beautiful Purple "IPOD"

I have had my beautiful purple "IPOD MINI" for quite a few years and I knew I loved listening to all my music on it. But this week when it "DIED" I realised just how much I loved to listen to it. I felt like one of my arms had been cut of. I tried restoring / resetting / re-installing and all the other "R"s I could think of. But according to "I Tunes" and the Apple website it didn't even exist - WHAT IT DOESN"T EXIST - of course it does it is normally connected to my head!!!! So of I went to the Apple Service Centre in Ivanhoe - not to far to travel. Of course they couldn't help me - they advised me it is probably the hard drive and I will have to buy a new one, but I could take to the service centre in Kew and they might be able to fix it for a cost. By this stage I had started singing to myself even with no other music going, yes I was starting to worry about my sanity. Then today I was at Alice's and Lauren (my new best friend) was there and I happened to mention my dilemma. Lauren "GOD LOVE HER" said she had one she didn't use and I could have it. I almost jumped up and hugged her. So now I am loading all my favorite songs onto my new "Silver IPOD". All I can say is "Thank you Lauren - you have saved my sanity"

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