Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Life Changes"

I can't believe it has been so long since I have written anything in my blog. The past week or so my head has been in a different place all together. My job situation has changed slightly and I have felt the need to reevaluate which direction I want to go in. So my brain has been working overtime in trying to decide do I go in the direction of doing a job that will bring in some money but is that just a job or do I take the risk and go for it and follow my passion which may not bring in a hell of a lot of money????
Anyone got any advice for me cause my brain hurts.
I am heading up to Susans (Traralgon) today to go to "Memoranza" tomorrow (that's a Creative Memories day). I do love everyone here heaps but I am so looking forward to escaping for two nights. Yeah Mexican and Riccadonna tonight.


  1. Hmmm decisions decisions... I read somewhere it is better to choose the most difficult and challenging when faced with a choice? What do you think? Have fun at Memoranza!

  2. Follow your heart is my advice to you. I find that sometimes money is not the end to all means, where you end up is right where you were meant to be is my philosophy. I am following my dreams and have returned to school, I had five years of education ahead of myself, now I'm down to three! I have never felt better in my entire life and yes at times it can get financially draining, I cannot rush right out and buy everything I would like to, then I remember that they are only "things." I survived without my extra things in life and what an amazing journey!
    Your heart will tell you what to do, sometimes we have to be still enough to listen to our hearts!
    All the best to you in whatever you choose to do, have a great day/evening!


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