Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Success Success Success!!!!

I am finally back from the land of the hospitals. You know it sounds awful but the one thing I don't like about hospitals is "the sick people". I have always been a wimp in hospitals - can't eat in them - can't look at any needle type things - basically I can't look at sick people - weird hey! Dad was discharged from hospital this morning. He is not totally better but he is as good as a 90 year old can be with a "dickie" heart. It is so nice to have him home were I can cook him the food that he actually likes and he can now sit in one of his three comfy chairs and sleep the day away.

Also tonight I have a bit of success on the blog front - I have finally been able to upload a slide show to my blog. It has only taken me 2 weeks!! I went onto a help forum and was helped straight away.

Oh and I also bought a new laptop today. Bought it from "Dell". I was able to upgrade it to what I need and got it for a pretty good price. There's no stopping me now - I am turning into such an "IT techo". I can hear some of you out there saying "She must be drinking" - nah haven't had one.

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