Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is going on with the weather!!!

Well anyone in Victoria today has done it tough. Melbourne has had its hottest day EVER reaching 46.4c!!. I am so glad I have just had my aircons installed. But even though us city folk have been sweltering, our hearts have to go out to all the people affected by the bush fires. I have been listening to reports as two of the bushfire locations are where I have friends and family. All is OK with them I am thankful to say. I cannot even imagine my house burning down and loosing ALL of my belongings. I suppose in the scheme of things they are only material, as long as no lives are lost. But still it would be the scariest situation.

Our beautiful country does have quite a range of weather - 46c and bush fires in Victoria and Queensland is currently getting terrible floods and Cyclones. My son Shane and his partner Stacey live in Far North Queensland and I keep calling him to make sure he is OK. He was pretty excited the other day when he realised he drove in his 1st cyclone - strange person my boy.

Anyway tomorrow is going to be something like 24c (crazy hey), here's hoping it helps the fire fighters - who are worth their weight in gold.