Wednesday, February 24, 2016

UTAS Project 2 - Images for the Social World

After much self-debating on what theme/story to tell for my Project 2 of my Photography and Social Media course and I have finally decided to go with “Colours of the Queen Victoria Market”. I have always and still do enjoy visiting this Melbourne landmark on a regular basis. So in my 10 photos I am going to endeavour to give the viewer the vibrant feeling I always feel at the market.

Content and Context
The content I have chosen to submit are the colours of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. In the shots I have included some graffiti, fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood that is the heart of the market. I have chosen these photos as I feel they all convey the true colours, sights and feelings of the Queen Victoria Market. Each visit to this market confronts me with the same food but the sights and experiences I am bombarded with are different every time.

Composition and Technique
As with my Project 1, instead of using my DSLR I have challenged myself to only take photos using my iPhone. Using my iPhone made the process of taking the shots in sometimes a very crowded busy market a lot easier and spontaneous.  I have modified some of the images on the apps in my iPhone and also in Photoshop Elements on my laptop.

Project 2 Editing
I am submitting my 10 photos portraying the colours of Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market and I am hoping they convey a bit of my joy during my visits. My theme is “Colours of the Queen Victoria Market”. I am using Tumblr and my blog as my digital journal.

Photo 1 - As you enter the market grounds from the carpark you are greeted by this mural. Painted from stencils under the guidance of local artists Fred Fowler and Michael Fikaris. I feel this photo gives an idea of how the market is a place of fun. The manipulation on this shot was a bit of cropping and I also increased the saturation slightly in Photoshop Elements. 
Photo 2 - Mushroom are mushrooms but get right up close and the underside veins are intriguing. I wanted to show what you can really see when you really look.
The manipulation done on this shot was only cropping right in close. 
Photo 3 - I find the colours of the Salmon and Blue Swimmer Crabs very appetising.
With this shot I cropped and increased the saturation slightly to bring out the orange
of the salmon and the blue of the crabs. 
Photo 4 - Looking everywhere rows and rows of fruit are a vivid colourful sight.
All I felt this shot needed was a bit more saturation with Photoshop Elements
Photo 5 - Not everything at the market is appetising to everyone.
These cow tongues make my tummy churn but I found the texture on the surface intriguing.
This shot was cropped right in close on Photoshop Elements to enlarge the texture of the surface.
Photo 6 - There is a stand full of many different herbs and spices that tend to
blur all together, but this turmeric just stood out to me.
 I increased the saturation slightly on Photoshop elements to really give the colour pop. 

Photo 7 - I love the colours of these beautifully fresh tomatoes.
The manipulation I used was to increase the contrast and also accentuate
the edges to highlight the green stems. 
Photo 8 - Even though the colours of these oranges and melons are in the same range they are totally different. I increased the saturation to brighten up the contrast. 
Photo 9 - Yes onions are onions but when one is cut in half and magnified look at the amazing design that appears. The only manipulation was that I zoomed in on the subject. 
Photo 10 - No visit for me is complete without having one of their famous Hot Jam Doughnuts. I wanted to zoom in enough that it felt like you could almost touch and taste to sugar and jam. 

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