Monday, December 28, 2015

Photography and Social Media Course

I have recently started an online Photography and Social Media Course with UTAS (University of Tasmania). I will be using my "53buddha" blog and my Tumblr  account as my digital journal. In the first couple of weeks we have been asked to consider the following questions.
Which photography themes inspire me? I would have to say Landscape, Travel and People.
Which platform would I prefer to use for my digital journal? As I mentioned above I intend to use my blog and tumblr.
We also have to participate in the online discussions (which can take up a lot of time), and check out some photographers that inspire us. To get some inspiration I have joined a couple of Facebook photography groups eg. Aussie Landscape photographers and Australian Geographic.
I have also decided to challenge myself and ONLY use my iPhone for all my photos, leaving my Canon DSLR tucked up in her bag.
Just a bit of experimentation with a double exposure

There's always room for a bit of colour in your life
In preparation for Project 1 we are to take some test "selfie"shots. Not being a fan of the selfie I try to play with the shots so much that I am hardly recognisable! The top shot is my first attempt using a multiple exposure then the second i just played with lots of colour. I would love any comments on my progress.

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