Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mallacoota, Victoria

With our Aussie Adventure 2 almost at an end we are now back in Victoria - our home state. We are having the next few days at the small fishing village of Mallacoota. With a permanent population of around 900 it is quite a peaceful place to stay, but during the holiday season it would be a much busier place with a holiday population of over 8000. We are staying on the foreshore and as I stepped outside of Myrtle this morning I was greeted by a lovely river view.
My morning view from Myrtle
The neighbours getting ready for their day
This morning we drove out of town to have a look at the WW11 Operations Bunker Museum. The Bunker was a major Advanced Operations Base used by the RAAF during WW11. The Mallacoota bunker was never actually used as an air raid shelter, but was used as the headquarters of RAAF coastal intelligence activity in the region. 
WW11 Bunker
Later in the afternoon we headed down to the wharf for some fishing. There were some small fish but it was pretty quiet, so I pulled out my camera and took some shots of the early evening view I was enjoying. 
My evening view
Mallacoota Wharf Mural

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