Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Batemans Bay Boys

Day Two of our road trip went well and the further north we got to clearer the skies got. With each kilometre I got a little bit more excited about seeing my two little grandson O'Shea (4) and Finn (1) as I hadn't seen them for quite a while. As soon as O'Shea saw me he ran to me and gave me a huge hug. Finn wasn't to sure at first but it only took about half an hour and he was hugging me as well. Today their Mummy and Daddy (my son Shane and his wife Stacey) headed off to Perisher for a few days skiing. It's the first time they have had a few days away without the boys and I get to indulge in their little personalities. Considering they are not used to being away from their parents they weren't fazed at all when Shane and Stacey headed off. I am so lucky to have the most adorable four grandchildren in my life. Oh I almost forgot I'm also babysitting Bosco the dog as well.

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