Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Babies Wedding

Wow how did we get to August already? I know we all say time flies - but hey it really does. My past few months have been very busy helping my daughter Rachel get organised for her wedding to Luke, which took place on July 25th. As a Mother of the bride I couldn't have been more proud of my girl. Her two daughters Clare and Mikayla (my beautiful granddaughters) were the adorable little flower girls. After the busyness of the wedding I looked after these two little amazing girls for the week which kept me on my toes. So this week has been a lot quieter than my past few months, so it's now time to do a blog update!!!
A collage of the wonderful day

I know I am bias but what a beautiful bride my baby girl made

Mikayla was just to adorable

Beautiful Clare - the innocence of being 4

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