Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catch Up Time

I have been a bit slack with my Photo a Day challenge, so here are my catch up photos in a collage.
Day 7 - Dreamy - This tree in the fog looked as if in a dream.
Day 8 - On Your Plate
Day 9 - Tiny - These two trout were destined for my plate.
Day - 10 - A Place - Melbourne Central
Day 11 - Detail - I loved the detail in this pillar.
Day 12 - In the middle - Clare was in the middle.
Day 13 - View from my bed - Was ever changing on Rachel and my
               motorhome trip around Victoria Island in Canada.
Day 14 - Water - Is very relaxing to sit by.
Day 15 - Alone - My little man O'Shea not really alone on the beach.
Day 16 - My favorite Colour - Is actually purple, but nothing much else
               comes close to the colour of the sunrise.



  1. Hello Davine. It's been a while and good to 'see' you today at my post/
    These are great photos with wonderful memories. So you were in Canada!! You toured Vancouver Island? We lived on the mainland in Vancouver city way back in time. The west coast is so beautiful! How long were you there?

  2. Hi Jim, the time I spent in Vancouver was on holiday while my daughter back packed around. But I have previously lived in Toronto for just over a year and also New York for almost 4 years.


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