Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catch Up Time

I have been a bit slack with my Photo a Day challenge, so here are my catch up photos in a collage.
Day 7 - Dreamy - This tree in the fog looked as if in a dream.
Day 8 - On Your Plate
Day 9 - Tiny - These two trout were destined for my plate.
Day - 10 - A Place - Melbourne Central
Day 11 - Detail - I loved the detail in this pillar.
Day 12 - In the middle - Clare was in the middle.
Day 13 - View from my bed - Was ever changing on Rachel and my
               motorhome trip around Victoria Island in Canada.
Day 14 - Water - Is very relaxing to sit by.
Day 15 - Alone - My little man O'Shea not really alone on the beach.
Day 16 - My favorite Colour - Is actually purple, but nothing much else
               comes close to the colour of the sunrise.