Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Challenge Catch Up

Day 4 - TV
Don't you hate it when even with Pay TV you still can't find anything to watch!!

Day 5 - 5 o'clock
At 5 o'clock today I was wondering why my Black Fish is turning
Gold and getting Googly eyes??

Day 6 - A Favourite Thing
Has to be my Digital Frame - I love having my loved photos there to watch every night.

Day 7 - Reflections
I love the reflections of this tree.

Aussie Adventure Update.

I spent today sorting through my clothes trying to decide -
What stays, What goes and What I am taking with me!!
It has given me a headache!!


  1. Davine it's hard to make the decisions as to what to take and what stays behind. I took way too much with me and now I've learned a valuable lesson. Whenever I go someplace for an extended period of time, leave my place with a half full suitcase and leave room for purchases.

    The fish looks like a bug eyed fish, I'm not sure if that's the proper name for it or not. There was one at one of my placements and it's eyes bulged out too, it was orange but also changed colors.

    TV, hmmm no comment on that one as I rarely watch mine anymore. I cut my cable in half and only get a few channels. The few programs I watch are on NetFlix, but you don't get this there yet I don't think. I pay $8 a month and can watch unlimited movies, TV series and there's even children's shows for when my granddaughter comes over to visit, if we want to watch TV that is.

    Where in your home do you have your digital frame? I've contemplated getting one of these but still am just contemplating it. :-)

    LOVE the reflections!

    Have a wonderful weekend Davine, and hopefully you're not stressing too much about what to take with you!


  2. The last picture is just a super reflection.



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