Sunday, November 25, 2012

IT Issues and Just Plain Busy

That's my excuse for not updating my blog for 6 weeks. I have had some IT issues - mainly with blogger and  have just been to busy. Over the six weeks I have progressed a lot with my organisation for our Aussie Adventure. I have had a stall at a couple of markets to sell some of the jewellery I have made and also to get rid of craft supplies that I no longer use. We have bought just about all the things we think we need. This coming weekend I am having a Garage Sale to get rid of some things that I should have gotten rid of a while ago. Then its donation time to the Diabetes Association and then Hard Rubbish Collection. In between all of that I am having a family lunch, various lunches and nights out with friends and Christmas in Eden with my son Shane and his little family. Oh yeah I have to fit in some Christmas shopping too!!
I have still been participating in the fatmumslim November Photo Challenge, so I thought I would share a couple of my photos seeing I can now upload them.

Day 10 - Can't (Won't) live without - Sunrises

Day 16 - The view from your window

Day 19 - Something Awesome - My Grand Babies Clare and O'Shea

Day 25 - Sky -Just prior to a huge tropical storm