Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small World

Isn't funny how somethings just jump out at us and prove just how small this world really is. When I first started writing my blog back in February 2009, I was writing just for me and didn't really think that anyone would really follow what I was saying. I had a couple of friends commenting and then one day I had a comment and follower that I didn't know. I was so thrilled to think that someone who didn't know me was taking the time to comment. This person was Darlene from Canada and she had also recently started her blog My Life for a Year. Since then we have connected via our blogs, through Facebook and emails. We have even sent each other gifts. Well yesterday it was my absolute pleasure to finally meet my friend Darlene. She is currently in Australia and staying with her friend Debbie in Ballarat. Between Debbie and I  we surprised Darlene with a visit to Daylesford. The three of us spent a lovely afternoon eating, talking and enjoying great company.  Thank you Darlene and Debbie for a great day and I am privileged to call you both my friends.
Darlene and Davine