Monday, August 1, 2011

Medicine Wheel 2011 - 2012 & My gift to Who?

Once again this year I have had my Medicine Wheel 2011/2012 done by the lovely Michelle of "Joy Express". I was so totally amazed with my 2010/2011 Medicine wheel that I had no hesitation about going through the process again. So now here I am the first day of August and my message for this month is "Playfulness" - I like this word because I definitely like being playful. We all know what the word "Playful" means but when I really looked into the word and what it means to me I was quite amazed and the many words I came up with. But the one that really resonated in my brain today was  "Have a disposition to find or make a cause for amusement". So with that in mind I decided to combine two things in my life. I love my blog and I love designing and making jewellery so these are the two ingredients of my amusement this month. I have decided to give TWO of my readers a piece of my jewellery - yes TWO. To be in the running all you need to do is leave me a comment during August and on August 31st I will announce the winner. So please go on leave me a comment and you never know you just may be a winner.
Medicine Wheel 2011 / 2012