Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Sunrise

Today I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise on another wonderful day. This time I wasn't able to get any photos as I was driving. I got up really early to commence my 2 hour drive to Traralgon to pick up my cousin Susan and then we were of on our road trip to Eden which was another 5 hour drive. We are spending the next 5 days up here with my georgous son Shane. He has recently just got a new job here and is now waiting for Stacey to come down from Cairns to join him. Then in July they are due to have their new baby. Eden is a coastal town in the south coastal region of New South Wales. The town, 478 kilometres (297 miles) south of Sydney near the border with Victoria, is located between Nullica Bay to the south and Calle Calle Bay, the northern reach of Twofold Bay. Eden's population is approx. 3,006.