Saturday, February 29, 2020

My Vision Wall

I've been a fan of the Vision Board for a number of years and then in 
2017 my Vision Board turned into a Vision Wall.
I found the board was getting very crowded and spreading out on to the surrounding wall. 
I can also confirm that a few things that I have put on my board/wall have come to fruition. 

The beginning of my 2020 Vision Wall. It evolves and grows as the year progresses.
So far this years Vision Wall has proven to me that I am definitely a visual person. I've also always been a lists person, but I've always written my lists, jobs, goals, dreams in an allocated book, closed the book and sat it on my desk. Only to be actually visible to me when I opened the book. Yes a number of goals/jobs got completed but there was always quite a lot carried onto the next month.

My 2020 ToDo Book

So this month (February) I thought I'd try something different. 
As well as having my list in my 2020 ToDo book, I wrote each
February thing on a colourful sticky note and added them to my vision wall. 

Yes I am a visual person
Now seeing today is the last day of the month I am preparing for March and 
I'm happy to say even though there are some things carrying over, there are only three. 
I have completed much more than usual. 

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