Saturday, September 28, 2013

Point Samson to Robe River Roadside stop

Just another day spent getting from one location to another. This roadside stop was pretty bare, not much shade but we managed to park under a tree. Every time we pull up somewhere, no matter if its a free camp or a caravan park I've got into the habit of getting out my mobile and checking where West is. That way I know where the sun will go down and hopefully position ourselves so we get a bit of afternoon shade.
Our little spot at Robe river Roadside Stop
Now I am a pretty positive person and I try not to see the negative side of people or complain about others faults, but OMG our neighbours at this stop drove both of us crazy. When they pulled up they almost skidded into me sitting on my chair! First thing they did was jump out of their car and come over to us to see if we could get their fridge working on gas. That was fine I helped as much as I could. Couldn't get it going though something wrong with the flint. Well for the rest of the night they kept wandering over to us complaining about everything. Now I don't want to generalise but they were the epitome of the cliche whingeing poms! They didn't like the UK so came to Australia to live, started in Melbourne and didn't like it so they went to Queensland, didn't like it so went back to the UK. Then came back to Australia because they still didn't like the UK and this time moved to Perth. Perth was OK but they still pointed out all the stuff they didn't like about it!!!! There wasn't one thing that came out of their mouths that was positive. Then the next morning their alarm (alarm on holiday??) went of at 5.00am and they started their car up while they got ready to leave. The car then continued to run for the 1 hour while they got organised. They would have had to stop at the next roadhouse to fill the petrol tank up.  But finally they were gone and I could get rid of the negative environment. Michelle I got out my Black Tourmaline spray and sprayed it everywhere! The only good things about running into this couple was they made me realize how you can waste you life on the negative stuff or just enjoy being alive. Also there alarm woke me up early enough to get to look out my window and see the beginning of another wonderful day.